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An Assadist sniper shot and killed a young boy 26 April 2012. In the above eyewitness video, Nawras Ghazzai is shot in front of his mother. Several people attempt to revive him, before a car comes to take him to a clinic.

Unidentified Palestinian youth being arrested.

Four Palestinian youth from the town of Azzoun, near Qalqiliyah, who were previously reported missing on Friday, were found in Israeli custody. Families of the boys said that Israeli forces released one of the boys, all of whom are under 18, who then notified the families of their location. According to the families, Israeli forces [...]


A 19 year old protestor was severely injured after Israeli forces fired a tear gas canister directly at his head, medics say. Medical officials say that Wasim Barham suffered a serious skull factor after Israeli forces fired a tear gas canister at him during a protest in Kafr Qaddum near Qalqiliya. He is currently being treated [...]


On Tuesday PLO official Saeb Erekat said the PLO would ask the UN Security Council for a censure which would condemn the Israeli settlements, after Israel announced the legalization of three more settler outposts. In an interview with Palestinian radio, Erekat urged Israel to choose between the peace process and the settlements, which contributed to [...]

In a new interview with Al Jazeera, hunger striker Khader Adnan, who was released from an Israeli prison on April 17 after a 66-day hunger strike, spoke about Israeli abuse he suffered. “Up until the last day in the prison hospital they would embark on ways to humiliate me, such as opening the door to [...]

By Adam J. Dexter A recent article published by USA Today leads their readers to believe some very frightening and very mistaken things about Palestine and Palestinian politics. Perhaps its gravest insinuation is its portrayal of the Israeli airstrikes as defensive, and totally justified against the people of Gaza. In fact, and the article mentions [...]

PLO Negotiator Saeb Erekat and PA Intelligence chief Majed Faraj met Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to provide him with a document written by President Abbas, in which Abbas reinstates his commitments to peace and requests that Israel release all Palestinian prisoners and halt the illegal settlements. Confirming previous reports, Palestinian Prime Minister [...]

As a part of a February deal that ended his 66-day hunger strike, Israel released Khader Adnan, who was held under administrative detention without charges. Adnan arrived at his northern West Bank home of Araba late Tuesday evening where he was greeted by supporters. Adnan started a hunger strike in December 2011 to protest administrative [...]

Hend Tarek reports from Cairo.  A candlelight vigil was held in the memory of Vittorio Arrigoni on the night of the 15th of April next to the Italian Embassy in Garden City, Cairo. The 15th of April marks one year since Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian pro-Palestinian peace activist, was abducted and killed in 2011. Arrigoni, [...]

Hend Tarek reports from Cairo. If you ask any Egyptian, they will tell you that the next few months are going to be hardest times Egypt has ever faced. With the presidential elections looming, no one knows what to expect anymore. The dissolution of the constituent assembly, the elimination of Khayrat El Shater, Omar Suleiman [...]


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