Global Transparency Project

The Global Transparency Project, started here at The Foreign Monitor, is a project in which users from all over the world can submit their files. It is a completely anonymous forum where citizens all over the world can upload files — documents, photos, videos, etc — in order to expose corruption, human rights and military abuses. Governments and militaries rely on secrecy, silence, and fear to continue their oppression. You are all witnesses; break the silence. Your files break the secrecy and expose oppression to the world. Below are some questions which explain in greater detail the Global Transparency Project.

Submit to the Global Transparency Project. 

Tell me more about the Global Transparency Project. 

The Global Transparency Project is a project started by the free journalists here at The Foreign Monitor. The project is an anonymous online forum that publishes documents, photos, videos, and other media which highlight human rights abuses, military abuses, and government corruption in any country.

What kind of files are we seeking?

We will accept all types of files — documents, audio, photos and videos — in the interest of keeping governments honest and transparent. Your files give you a voice and allow you to expose human rights abuses and corruption in your government. For example, if you have taken a video of a human rights violation in your country, including oppression by the military, please send it to us!  If  you have obtained a document, including pdfs, emails, any document you feel highlights corruption in your country, please submit it! We will ensure that your content is published for the international community and for our many readers. We will also ensure that you remain anonymous.

Who can submit? 

Anyone may submit to the Global Transparency Project. We hope to rely on word of mouth, so please encourage friends and family to submit! Please be sure to tell everyone you know that they are all witnesses.

Why is the Global Transparency Project important? 

The Global Transparency Project is important because governments rely on secrecy, fear and silence in order to continue their oppression. Militaries rely on alleged national security, a sick justification used as a cover to oppress people and keep the abuse from the eyes of the world. Your files break the silence and expose the oppression to the world. Your voice is important in ending human rights abuses in every country: remember that the recent revolution in Tunisia that overthrew a dictator was started by one person.

How does the Global Transparency Project ensure anonymity?

We want to be clear that we promise that you will remain completely anonymous when you submit. Your information and your IP address will never be stored with our servers. There are also steps you should take to protect your online privacy. We recommend that you email us your files using an encryption program (we use OpenPGP) or through the Tor browser, which protects your privacy by redirects you through several channels in order to hide your web identity. It is frequently used by whistleblowers and journalists in sensitive areas. If you decide to not download these programs, we strongly recommend that, at the very least, you use a web proxy, which obscures your IP address. Please note that we are in the midst of working with sophisticated computer scientists and they are working on developing a drop box which will erase IP addresses and all information when you upload. Until we have formulated this drop box, please email your submissions, using the above security channels, to If you still have concerns, please contact us and we will work with you on privacy issues.

I still have questions. 

If you have questions that were not answered above, please contact us privately at

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