Now Accepting Submissions: Global Transparency Project

TFM is now accepting submissions for our Global Transparency Project. We will accept all types of files — documents, audio, photos and videos — in the interest of keeping governments honest and transparent. Your files give you a voice — and allow you to expose human rights abuses and corruption in your government. If you have taken a video of a human rights violation, submit it!  If  you have obtained a document, please submit it! We will ensure that your content is published for the international community, and that you remain anonymous. Please encourage friends and family to submit! It is through your submissions that we are able to keep governments transparent and expose human rights abuses!

In order to ensure complete anonymity, we recommend that you email us your files using an encryption program or through the Tor browser, which protects your privacy.  If you decide to not download these programs, we strongly recommend that you use a web proxy. Until we have formulated a secure drop box, please email your submissions, using the above security channels, to

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