Adnan, Shalabi praise Palestinian hunger strikers

Bilal Diab, 27, from Jenin, and Thaer Halahla, 33, from Hebron have refused food for 64 days. (Source: Maan)

Khader Adnan and Hana Shalabi, both of whom were released from Israeli prisons after a hunger strike, told Maan News that they support the Palestinian hunger strikers. Adnan, who was released on April 17 after a 66 day hunger strike that ended in February, told the news organization that the hunger strikers are  ”heading towards victory which they have risen up for against the Israeli occupation’s oppressive and racist laws.” He urged the family of the hunger strikers to not despair over their children, saying, “If they are released, that’s a big blessing and if they [die] then this will be a great victory.”

Shalabi, meanwhile, who was deported to Gaza last month as a part of the deal that ended her 44 day hunger strike, said she took pride in the strikers, and urged the Arab nations to support the prisoners. She said that she did not believe they would die, but was eagerly awaiting their “moment of victory.”

Almost 2000 prisoners have joined the hunger strike in protest of Israeli administrative detention, and in protest of conditions in the Israeli prisons, which include unnecessary solitary confinement, torture, and physical, sexual, and verbal abuse.

Meanwhile, in an editorial for Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reporter Amina Hass praised the collective hunger strike, writing that “Israel’s revered army generals, retired and on active duty, are responsible for killing many more Palestinian civilians than the number of Israeli civilians killed by the Palestinian prisoners.” She added,

“Israelis are not satisfied with the various measures to worsen their prison conditions. When it comes to Palestinians, punishment is not enough. Prison must also be never-ending revenge that extends what Israel tries to do outside its walls as well: to break up the collective, to weaken the individual, to deter others from resistance to the foreign regime.”

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